Ashmore Loan Office


We lend money against items of value. Some of the most common items borrowed against are:

  • Jewelery
  • Watches in working condition (must be of value)
  • Laptop computers (late models)
  • Apple products (ipads/laptops/iphones/watches)
  • Mobile phones (late models)
  • Digital Cameras (DSLR)
  • Music Equipment (please check due to size constraints)
  • Hand Tools (quality sets)
  • Cordless Power Tools (quality brands only)
  • Surfboards/Longboards (good condition)

As you can see we lend on a variety of items. If you're not sure with what you are looking to loan against, give us a call.

Loaning Process

You bring in your item that you are going to use as collateral for the loan. We assess the item and discuss what we can loan against it. For the transaction to proceed you will need to provide photo ID (driver licence / passport) and a total of 100 points of identification along with proof of your current address. Interest is charged against the amount loaned per month. The standard loan contract is for three months which can be extended by paying a monthʼs interest. Loan amounts of $50 and over redeemed within the first week receive a discounted rate. To redeem your loan simply repay the loan amount along with the interest incurred.