Ashmore Loan Office

Welcome to Ashmore Loan Office

Established in 1994, Ashmore Loan Office is owned an operated by the same family to this day. The business is run in the traditional pawnbroking style - money lent against items of value. Along with being a licensed pawnbroker, Ashmore Loan Office is a licensed second hand dealer, meaning that we buy and sell as well. Being a family run business means that decisions are made on the spot by the owners. It's the same person behind the counter each day, not a changing staff week to week. If you would like to know more about the process of borrowing some money or need to sell something, give us a call and we will be happy to try and help.

Instant Cash Loans

We lend money against items of value for instant cash loans. Click here to find out more about our lending process.

Buy Second Hand

We sell a large variety of second-hand items. Come and visit our store to browse our products. Click here to find out more about our second hand items for sale.

Sell Your Used Items

We buy a variety of second-hand items. All items we buy must be in good working order and complete. Payments are made on the spot so there is no waiting for your money. Click here to find out more about selling your items.