Ashmore Loan Office


We sell a large variety of items.

Some of the items that we sell in our store include:

  • Jewelery
  • Watches in working condition (must be of value)
  • Laptop computers (late models)
  • Apple products (ipads/laptops/iphones/watches)
  • Mobile phones (late models)
  • Digital Cameras (DSLR)
  • Music Equipment (please check due to size constraints)
  • Hand Tools (quality sets)
  • Cordless Power Tools (quality brands only)
  • Surfboards/Longboards (good condition)
  • Gaming Consoles (late model and vintage)
  • Music - Records, CDs (condition must be good)
  • Sporting Equipment - Fishing rods and reels

These items and many others are what we generally stock in our store. Come and visit our store to browse our products.